Openinkstand Art & Calligraphy

Place & Escort Cards

Place cards are a great way to welcome a guest to their seat at your table. The designs can range from formal for weddings or even customized to match your dishes! You may supply your own stationery or use my beautiful tented ecruwhite cards.

If you are supplying your own stationery, please be sure to order at least 15% extra stationery in case of mistakes or additions. I will be happy to recommend stationers and brands suitable for calligraphy.

Place cards ………………………………… starts at $2.50ea
Escort envelope & card ……………… starts at $3.50/set

optional extras:
Stationery (Cranes ecruwhite tented placecards and escort cards/inserts are available), colored ink (gold and silver available), custom ink color matching, extra flourishes, and matching table number and signs


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